The ghastly death of Radus is a platformer in which you are a mentally ill person. You suffer of serious paranoia and hallucinations so much that you are closed to your world. In this illusionary universe you will have to face many events before the delicate hand of death takes you away from this living nightmare, but not so simply. Everything around will try to fool you while it falls apart and looses all sense and logic.

dimanche 30 octobre 2011

Continuing, after a deserved small pause!

We are taking a short break (until tomorrow). We really need it - in the good way: we worked a lot so we are a bit tired now! Creation is energy consuming, and don't have enough energy to support this work cadence. Just a few hours before returning to the process!

Just a message about what we said a few days ago about Stencyl: It is certainly a great tool but we had no real experience of it so we lost our temper with the number of problems and the pressure of time. All Stencyl users: we apologize.

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